• 1. Can I request a custom spring rate or custom damping for my coilover kit?

    Yes! We have the ability to set up your coilover kit with custom spring rates and damping based on your needs.  If you have already researched what spring rate you want, then simply enter your desired spring rates on the order page in the appropriate comment box. Damping will automatically be matched to a spring rate other than the standard rate out of the box (no need to request damping too).  If you have custom specs for spring rate and damping then please contact us directly.  Be advised, the standard kit that BC Racing puts together is a very good match for most cars, people, and street use, so not everyone needs a "custom" kit!

  • 2. Can I get an "Extreme Drop" kit or a lower than normal coilover kit?

    Yes! We offer the Extreme Drop kit for most vehicles upon request.  This entails a short spring and shock combo to allow for a lower overall drop.  This will also affect how high the kit can go, so there is a tradeoff and you should be aware. We only recommend the Extreme Drop option for those who are looking to go very, very low, slam, stance, etc.

  • 3. Do you offer the Swift spring upgrade, and what does that mean?

    Yes! We offer custom Swift spring upgrade kits, also known as the "Plus" series, which is an exclusive offering through our company.  The standard coilover springs are swapped out for superior Swift Springs and arrive at your door ready to go. The Swift springs are a higher quality spring and will provide better ride quality as well as overall handling.  Swift only makes springs, and are some of the best springs available on the market, which is why they perform better than the standard BC springs (although there is nothing wrong with the standard springs).

    They have a more consistent spring rate over the entire compression range. This means they do not get much stiffer as they compress, keeping the ride constant and predictable. You won't get as much of a jolt as the car hits a bump. They also have less coils per spring, which allows them to compress much farther, this provides more compression range and will soak up bumps and dips better  The response times are also superior to standard springs to provide sharper turn in, and better handling on curvy or bumpy tracks.

  • 4. What are Extenders and why do I want them?

    Extenders are an add-on accessory used to attach to the damping adjustment knob on top of the coilover itself.  The extenders consist of a flexible steel cable with a slick coating on top to prevent corrosion or scuffing of your interior. They are a HUGE help for adjusting your rear damping settings on most sedans and coupes. Otherwise every time you want to adjust the damping you have to remove your rear trunk liner or seats.  With the extenders you just poke a small hole in the liner and they slip right through, allowing quick and easy adjustment!

  • 5. Why aren't camber plates available for my vehicle?

    Camber plates are not available on some kits due to the factory design of some vehicles.  Camber plates will generally only work on a "Macpherson strut" design.  Reason is because some car makers like Lexus and Honda use A-Arm style suspension on their cars, both front and rear.  This style of suspension will not support the use of a camber plate, so you would need to use either an adjustable Arm/Link or a Bolt or Bushing setup.  If you ever see a listing that says a Lexus/Honda kit includes camber plates, many times it is not correct. These listings are usually "blanket" listings that cover many makes of cars.  The kits will generally ship with rubber insert upper mounts, which are ideal for street use, although Pillowball plates are optional.  However the pillowball plate is just a solid pillow bearing, it has no adjustments. We can get you alternative camber adjustment items if you'd like, just ask. We carry popular brands such as SPC, Cusco, Whiteline etc, and they offer camber solutions for A-Arm vehicles.

  • 6. Do the coilover kits come with new endlinks?

    If the coilvoer kit requires a new set of endlinks BC Racing includes them (some BMW, Acura kits, etc.).  Most cars however do not require new endlinks, so the kit can be used with stock links.  If you want an upgraded set of endlinks just ask us and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting what you need.

  • 7. How do custom orders work and how long does it take to ship?

    All custom kits are built at the BC Racing facility and ship ready to install. There is nothing you need to do on your end once they arrive but install them onto the car and enjoy!  Be advised that any custom kit (spring rates, damping, swift kit, extreme drop, etc.) can take 2-3 weeks to ship, as they are custom built to order.

  • 8. Can you install the coilovers on my vehicle?

    Yes! Circuit Motorsports operates a full-service facility in Orlando, Florida and we are fully capable of installing your coilovers here. Our staff is very familiar with BC Racing coilovers (and coilovers/suspension in general) and can make sure your install goes smoothly and is done right the first time.  We also offer alignment and corner balancing!

  • 9. Do I need an alignment after my coilovers are installed?

    We highly recommend getting an alignment anytime a set of coilovers are installed.  The camber and toe settings will be off from factory and this can make the vehicle dangerous to drive. When purchasing a coilover kit, ask your sales associate about alignment settings if you need help!

  • 10. Will these BC Racing coilover be good enough for track or competition use?

    Yes! If you need help choosing a kit that will hold up to whatever type of racing you are doing, be it track-days, rally, road-racing, autocross, etc. just ask our sales staff and we will be happy to help!

  • 11. How long does it take for a coilover kit to ship to my door?

    We place your order within 24 hours of receiving it on our site.  If the kit is in stock it will ship to you within 48 hours. Shipping within the lower 48 is normally 3-5 business days and shipping to Canada is usually 5-7 business days.

    If you are Shipping outside of North America, delivery times can vary. So please contact us for more info if you need an ETA for an international order.

  • 12. Do the coilovers come pre-set out of the box?

    No, BC Racing does not pre-set ride-height or damping from the factory. You, or the install shop, will need to set the height on the vehicle. The damping settings can be set to your preference, don't be afraid to experiment! A good rule of thumb is to start in the middle and work your way either stiffer or softer depending on your needs.

If you have any additional questions after reading through these please do not hesitate to ask! Our staff is highly knowledgable and will be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need. We strive for great customer service and live by our mission statement; “To provide personalized service with excellent quality”.