BC Racing BR Series Coilover- 03-08 Nissan 350Z True Rear Coilover Z33

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The BR Series Coilover from BC Racing is possibly the most popular coilover system in the aftermarket world today. They are ideal for drivers who daily their car and would like more performance without sacrificing too much ride quality. Each BR Series coilover features an easily adjustable 30 way adjustable damping system to adjust the compression/rebound. Ride height is also easy to adjust on these coilovers and is separately adjusted from every other function. Camber Plates, Swift Springs, along with pillowball mounts, can be an added on option for applicable vehicles.

P/N: D-17-BR

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    BC Racing BR Series Coilover- 03-08 Nissan 350Z True Rear Coilover Z33

    Circuit Motorsports is one of BC Racing's Largest Authorized U.S. Dealers, we have years of experience with BC Racing kits and are available to help you with any questions or to give suggestions on a custom setup. If you desire a custom kit with different spring-rates we can accommodate you! Simply fill out the option for custom spring rates with your desired rates and please be clear in distinguishing the front from the rear rates. We will contact you to make sure the kit is ordered correctly if needed. Please Email, Call, or Message us if you have any questions on the BC Racing coilover kits. We can help you with anything you need and will make sure you get the best buying experience through us.

    BR Series Key Features:
    - Mono-tube shock design
    - 30 levels of damping force adjustment, adjust compression/rebound
    - Separate full length height adjustable
    - Pillowball mounts and adjustable front camber plates included (where applicable)
    - Adjustable rear camber plates sold separately (where applicable)
    - One year warranty
    - Rebuildable
    Application Specific Variables- 03-08 Nissan 350Z True Rear Coilover Z33
    Camber Plates
    Tophat Configuration

    N/A = Not Available    X = Available    O = Standard

    Front Spring Rate = 14k    Rear Spring Rate = 12k

    Standard= Standard configuration for this application
    RN Type= Re-use OEM front tophats and either rubber style rear tophats included or re-use OEM
    RS Type= Rubber style Front and Rear tophats included
    RA Type= Pillowball front tophat and either rubber style rear tophat or re-use OEM
    RH Type= Pillowball front and rear tophats included
    Damper Adjustment
    The BR Series Coilover is a perfect solution for those who street drive their vehicle with occasional road course duty. Adjustment knobs are easily accessible for fine tuning your compression/rebound. This adjustment has a large range with 30 different levels of adjustment from full stiff to full soft. Your rebound/compression is put into one adjustment knob to easily tune each strut. This makes it easy to adjust on the fly to compensate for different driving conditions. Optional rear damper extenders are available to fit over the existing damper knob and give an extended link to adjust your damping. This is perfect for cars where the rear damping knob is located behind a trunk liner or rear seats.
    Height Adjustment
    The height on the strut is separately adjustable for a customizable ride height to your own liking. This means no preset ride height and you get to choose how high or low you want it. Choose to adjust your height to near stock, or drop it down to the ground. The patented concave lower locking ring helps keep your ride height adjustments locked in and prevents any unwanted adjustment changes. Because of the separate adjustment for height, your strut travel will remain the same no matter your ride height which effectively keeps the performance at it's highest level regardless of your preference of height.
    Spring Adjustment
    Keeping everything separate, the springs sit on their own set of locking rings. This allows the user to adjust the spring pre-load and further adds to the amount of customization of the coilover settings. This feature is especially useful for those wanting to corner balance their vehicle to achieve perfect balance. Corner balancing will allow each wheel to take on the same weight into each corner to optimize tire grip, whether it's at the front under braking, or the rear under acceleration. At the top of each strut is a bearing mounted upper spring platform. When the spring compresses or extends it has a natural tendency to slightly twist. If not compensated for the natural twisting, it can exert extra strain on the spring perches and locking rings. The extra strain can generate rapid deterioration and cause the locking rings to loosen and "walk" down the strut. This can lead to uneven ride height and a difference in spring pre load. The bearing mounted spring platform also helps to reduce binding noises when turning to full lock unlike other coilovers without this feature. An L-shaped rubber washer at the bottom of the springs also ensure a noise free operation between the metal springs and metal lock ring.
    Camber Adjustment
    If the chassis allows it, front camber plates are standard on BC Racing coilovers while rear camber plates are available for separate purchase, once again, if the chassis allows it. The camber plates help to dial in those perfect alignment settings without compromise using 4 allen screws and various mounting points for extra camber. They are able to reach ~3 degrees of camber depending on the level of drop, and the chassis applied to. The plates are engineered to be rigid, superior replacements for the OEM tophats.
    Pillowball Mounts
    BR Series coilovers come with pillow ball mounts where applicable and rubber mounts on those that do not have pillow ball mounts available. The pillowball mount on the top of the strut helps provide the most feedback possible from your suspension and really sharpen your steering response. These are made from an aluminum alloy and are bead blasted for a durable, high quality finish. Their solid nature eliminates any flex or play that is associated with rubber mounts.
    Corrosion Protection
    All BC Racing coilover systems are made using black chromed steel to provide superb durability in even the harshest of winters. The aluminum components (top mounts, locking collars, etc) are anodized while the steel lower mounts go through an electro-coating process of anti corrosive coating to provide superior adherence to the metal. A layer of powdercoating makes sure to seal it all in and provide the finishing layer. Thick dust boots are standard to keep rocks and other debris from damaging the shaft and damper seals.
    Strut Body
    The strut itself uses a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body that maximizes oil capacity. With a larger volume of oil contained within the unit, the peak temperature is reduced and significantly improves the damper performance. As the damper unit operates on bumpy roads or even smooth roads, the oil contained in the strut body increases and changes in viscosity in relation to temperature. BC Racing goes that extra mile to use only high quality oil that not only functions extremely well when needed during aggressive driving, but also for long term longevity to ensure the oil does not degrade over time and increasing the life of the strut significantly. The dampers also use nitrogen to keep the oils under pressure. Keeping the oil under constant pressure goes a long way when the struts are working hard to keep up performance. With the oil under pressure, this reduces any chance for aeration or cavitation which can present foaming and reduce the damping effects of the strut.
    Swift Springs
    Swift Springs uses their own produced material that provides a much softer ride with much better handling characteristics. The material produced by Swift Springs is a proprietary steel alloy. It is created in order to maintain the most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke, allow the largest amount of stroke, provide high durability against loss of spring height, and keep the weight down. This provides the maximum in both comfort and handling in a spring. Their spring design involves fewer coils than other springs for a decrease in unsprung weight, and eliminates the chance of coil bind along with increasing the amount of usable stroke. Their metal used for the springs have a quick transient response to react to any road conditions and cause a much smoother ride instead of skipping over the surface. They are great for street or competition use and can be tailored to nearly any vehicle or purpose. They provide the most in both performance and comfort possible which make them an ideal solution for those going coilovers that still want to retain additional comfort. Swift makes only springs which already speaks for itself when it comes to their knowledge and experience with spring manufacturing.

    Additional Options:
    -Extreme Drop Kit: Available on certain applications. This option allows for a shorter strut body along with altered spring rates to permit a much lower ride height from the standard kits. BR Series Coilovers only.
    -Rear Extenders: Rear extenders are available for those vehicles that put the top of the rear strut in hard to reach places. This extender helps dial in adjustments without having to tear the car apart.
    -Pillowball mounts: Available on certain applications. Pillowball mounts are available for front, rear, or both on certain applications. These allow for a much more crisp feedback from the suspension and a better turn in feel. They are a more direct connection between the suspension and the body, which may add more NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness)
    -Custom Spring Rates: Custom spring rates are available for those wanting a full custom setup. Simply enter in your desired custom rates and we will make it happen.
    -Camber Plates: Available on certain applications. Front camber plates are standard on all coilovers where the chassis will allow. Rear Camber plates are purchased separately if available for the certain chassis.

    -Custom kits and Plus Swift kits will have extra build time before they ship.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Part No. D-17
    Year 03-08
    Make Nissan
    Model 350Z True Rear Coilover
    Chassis Code Z33
    Coilover Type BR Series
    BR Series RN N/A
    BR Series RS Standard
    BR Series RA Available
    BR Series RH Available
    Front Camber Plates Included No
    Rear Camber Plates Included No
    Front Spring (Diameter-Length-Rate) 62-180-14
    Rear Spring (Diameter-Length-Rate) 62-180-12
    Swift Springs Upgrade Available Yes
    Front Extreme Drop Spring Specs (Diameter-Length-Rate) N/A
    Rear Extreme Drop Spring Specs (Diameter-Length-Rate) N/A
    Price $995.00


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